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What makes this product superior?

Avokado Skin Care Kit for acne is a plant based acne solution with an abundance of over twenty herbs and plants potent in acne fighting properties. Our kit has a 95% performance rating and has been proven to work effectively on sensitive and challenging skin. The products are safe and effective for the removal of acne, and work well for persons with mild to severe eczema. Unlike many of the products that start working well on the first few trials and discontinue being effective after many uses, Avokado Skin Care Kit synthesis well with the human skin and is effective even after multiple uses. Many of our plant based ingredients are sourced from the Caribbean island of Grenada. Plants are fertile with phosphorus and potassium from the country’s rich volcanic soil, which increases the potent nature of each herb used in our skin kit.

How quickly will I see results?

Customer feedback indicates that a user can start seeing results from the first use of the skin kit which has anti-inflammatory properties from the calming herbs in the products, which start to work right away. 

The cleansers removes acne forming bacterial on first wash, while helping to restore skin PH and skin hydration

The calming effects of our rose and orchid toner further help to nourish, tone skin and enforce the right PH balance for your skin 

Moisturizer starts to work on first application, healing damaged skin and restoring beautiful skin

Our moisturizer used as a night cream further rejuvenate face and neck to get that ultimate radiate youthful result

Users and friends and family see noticeable differences by the first week of using the skin kit 

What else should I do to improve my skin?

At Avokado Skin Care we believe in the holistic approach to skin care. Your skin reflects a lot of what is taking place within your body, your external environment and the products that you use on your body. The holistic approach involves taking care of mind, body and spirit and being conscious to pay attention to the signals from your body, including your skin. 


We strongly recommend the following small steps for best results:


  • Adequate water intake to hydrate the skin and flush toxins 
  • Frequent exercise to remove toxins and balance stress hormones, which can affect skin appearance 
  • We encourage working towards a balancing of plant based diet  
  • Remove all products from your skin care routine that contain chemical enhancers and preservatives 
  • Ensure to detox your body as recommended by your medical adviser
How do I use the facial skin care kit?

Thank yourself for investing in a real solution for your natural skin care journey!

Cleanser- Gently massage a pea sized amount of facial moisturizer onto the face and neck.

Toner- Shake before using. Place toner on cotton pad and cleanse face to restore pH balance , remove excess dirt and oil, treat acne, shrink pores and add another layer of hydration. Repeat in the morning and night.

Moisturizer- Gently massage a pea sized amount of facial moisturizer onto the face and neck.

Is the product for all skin types?

Our skin kit works for dry, combination skin and oily skin types. Cleansers are vegetable glycerin based solutions, which will cleans skin without stripping your skin. Our toner is an alcohol free solution that hydrates skin and works well for all skin types. Our moisturizer is a water based lightweight solution that hydrates and heals. All three products form a layer of protection from harsh environmental pollution, sun damage and various cosmetic enhancing products while working with a sense of commitment towards your skin care goals.  

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Acne Treatment

Our kit treats and reduces acne flares within days.

Revitalize Skin

Remove dark spots and revitalize tired skin.

Anti Aging

Improve elasticity and reduce signs of aging.

Plant Based

Formulated from botanical plants in the Caribbean.

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Avokado provides natural personal care products from Caribbean volcanic soil.


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