Sulphur Cleanser

Raw sulphur sourced from the pristine Caribbean volcanic Island of Grenada

Product Benefits

  • Shed dead and excess skin and promote cell turnover
  • Mild antiseptic that works to stop the creation and sustainability of acne causing bacteria
  • Provide your skin with essential minerals; aluminum, magnesium and iron
  • Exfoliate without dehydrating
  • Clears pores while balancing surface oils on your skin
  • Giving a smooth, soft complexion.
  • Prevent the creation and spread of acne causing bacteria
  • Clear present breakouts and help to prevent them in the future
  • Essential mineral components actively strengthen skin and improve its overall health, giving you a welcoming glow.

Acne Treatment

Our kit treats and reduces acne flares within days.

Revitalize Skin

Remove dark spots and revitalize tired skin.

Anti Aging

Improve elasticity and reduce signs of aging.

Plant Based

Formulated from botanical plants in the Caribbean.

About Us

Avokado provides natural personal care products from Caribbean volcanic soil.


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